Shea Burke – I Don’t Think Y’all Heard Me


The bassline on this track is sooooooo nice. Found out about this track ’cause Designated reposted it. More info on the artist ( taken from his facebook page ) :

My introduction to music was very early on in life, as I’m from a very musical family. My mother’s taste in music is very versatile, and I have always been aware of different types of music from a young age, as I was exposed to many different genre’s. 

This lead to me being really into music, where most of the people I went to school with were into sports. I started DJ’ing at the age of 11 when I was given a pair of turntables as my birthday present. I was mainly into UK garage at the time, playing music by artist’s such as Wookie, MJ Cole, Pay as You Go, So Solid, DJ Zinc, Mr Oizo and many more. 

I then moved with the times when UK Garage became Grime. At this stage I started to write lyrics and started MC’ing as I wanted to make my own music rather than playing other people’s for a change. With this decision, I moved away from the DJ’ing and pursued MC’ing. 
Me and my friends went on to form a group called ‘Bomb squad’. Under this name we independently put out two track’s, our debut was ‘B.O.M.B’ and the following track was called ‘I Just Wanna’.
We were regularly hitting the studio to record tracks, also we were putting the name out there by attending various pirate radio station’s and youth clubs in and around London. 

I decided I wanted to get involved in the production side of music, having had a taste of it on Cubase in my last two years studying music at school. With this I sold my turntables and got a Mac to start producing. I left school and went on to complete a course called ‘CMP’ (Creative Music Producer) at BANM (British Academy of New Music).
Along side the production, I continued writing lyrics,as an MC and songwriter.

I started to go to party’s & nightclub’s and discovered something which would become a very big part of my life, HOUSE MUSIC!! : ) .
Being a very big fan, I naturally felt it was only right to start producing my own. Recently I decided to pick up where I left off with DJ’ing and got my self a pair of CDJ’s and a mixer, since I got them, a day hasn’t passed without me mixing for hours.

Follow him on the social media : facebook / soundcloud / twitter

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