Patrìce – Smoke & Mirrors


So earlier today I got a friendly message from a guy who I followed back on soundcloud. After his friendly message, I directly checked out his soundcloud ( which I always do, but usually takes me a couple of days to do so ). This london-based producer has only just started producing but looking at his debut track I can tell you, that we will hear a lot more about this guy hopefully.

He describes his music as ‘dark electro R&B’ and told me that he’s influenced by Frank Ocean and Prince. I surely see those influences in his debut track. This darker R&B thing really is something I personally like. Patrìce’s track gives me a familiar and cosy feeling, yet the track has something original and that’s the reason I decided to post this. I hope he keeps producing as I’m interested in what he can come up with more. As a starting producer he surely can use some feedback/support so…

Follow him on the social media and write something nice : facebook / soundcloud / twitter

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