MORRT And XYconstant – Run // MNEK x Disclosure – White Noise (XYconstant Remix)


Okay, story behind this. About a week ago, the guys from High On Tracks contacted me ,saying I should check out XYconstant’s remix on the Disclosure x MNEK track White Noise. I did check it out, but completly lost track of it. Today, while posting the Diverse remix, I saw their names and one of them looked so familiar : Alfred Coleman. Alfred Coleman aka XYconstant is one half of Diverse. So there’s that.

So I decided to follow Alfred on all the social networks and there I found his new track in collaboration with MORRT, another young UK-based artist. Having a bit of a dilemma on which to upload, I decided to upload both tracks.

Both tracks are wonderfull. The remix off the Disclosure track has this summery/dancy vibe to it while the colab with MORRT sounds way darker and deeper. My conclusion : Two young but very talented producers that deserve way more attention.

Here’s the Disclosure remix on both Youtube and soundcloud ( comes with a free download ) :

Follow MORRT on the social media : facebook / soundcloud / twitter

Follow XYconstant on the social media : facebook / soundcloud 

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